Do you know how translations are done by companies who need to ensure the security of their documents?

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Translating corporate documents involves a compromise between cost and security

The world of translation is undergoing a revolution thanks to machine translation engines based on neural networks. The cost per word is being reduced, but the security and confidentiality of corporate information are being compromised.

Currently there are two scenarios:

  • Companies with understaffed in-house translation departmentsthatcannot meet the real demand for translations.
  • Companies without in-house translation departments that incur very high costs when outsourcing translations to external agencies.

New technologies help reduce costs…

…but what about security and confidentiality?

Turn Bionic is the only NMT engine that fully ensures the confidentiality and security of your information.

We add a proprietary security layer to all the advantages offered by NMT engines. This feature eliminates all at once the risks of using external providers or other NMT engines that require you to send your information to them.


With Turn Bionic your information will always stay within your company’s safe perimeter.

We are so confident in our model that we make it available for your security department to evaluate it. And we are so sure because it has already passed the audit done by very demanding companies that trust us.

But it’s not blind trust, but one based on the initial audit and the constant review of our standards.

The output is 100% secure: this is attested by our clients’ security departments, not only by us.

It splits the translation into fragments that prevent their identification and sends them to different translation engines, choosing the one that offers the best performance for each language combination.

The result is compiled by applying our own algorithms and we deliver the final output to your company’s server.

When your documents leave the safe perimeter of your company, security suffers.

It could be because you’re using external translators or cloud-based translation engines.

In both cases your security is compromised.

100% security, but not only that.

The translation market is changing fast…, very fast. But your needs are the same: security, costs and productivity.

We adapt your translation processes to this changing market, guaranteeing security and confidentiality. We have the only neural machine translation engine that is 100% secure.


Don’t worry, your documents are 100% secured. Always. You’ll get the same security level you currently have with your in-house translators.


No more waiting times

With Turn Bionic waiting times just dissapear.

Can you imagine how this could affect the productivity of your company?

This benefit is even clearer if you consider that Turn Bionic’s learning curve is virtually nonexistent.


Cost savings

To put it as clear as possible: you’ll reduce your translation costs by between 50% and 90%.

Turn Bionic will work with your team to conduct a feasibility study and clarify numbers before tackling the project.


Improved processes

Solution available online for all your employees. Integrated into the CAT tools used by your in-house translators.


We put at your disposal our translation process redesign service



Our translation team has many years’ experience in the industry, and they’ll post-edit your documents to provide you with a top-quality final output if you need it.

You won’t notice there has been AI in the process.

Neural translation technology to solve business challenges

Our mission is to implement the 100% secure NMT technology in your company so that you can really get the promised security, productivity and cost benefits