Turn Bionic puts neural networks at the service of real business needs.




NMT (neural machine translation) is a disruptive technology that is here to stay and change the way translations are being done.


But, as any technology, it needs an understanding of companies’ internal processes to be really transformational. The secret doesn’t lie in a software and a server, but in achieving a deep and permanent change.

And this is done through implementation, monitoring and fine-tuning.


The Turn Bionic team combines many years’ experience in technology, translation and change management. These are our credentials, together with the results already obtained by implementing our translation engine in a number of clients.


We put all that experience at your service. The goal is to make your company more secure, more productive and more cost-efficient.

These are our services

Implementation of our 100% secure NMT technology

A clear and straight-forward service You already know you need a 100% secure translation engine to save costs and increase productivity.

We’ll work with your team to design the best implementation for your company and we’ll get it done. This service may include the integration with the CAT tools of your translation team.

Post-editing and E2E language services

If you need to generate superior quality translations we offer you our post-editing service plus a broad range of language services. We’re also language consultants.


It is about getting all the possible situations covered. This service is ideal if you don’t have in-house translation resources or you need to complement them.

Translation process management

In some cases, Turn Bionic implementations imply a profound change in the process of managing translations in the company.
We analyze your processes, we propose you the changes required to make the most out of the NMT engine and we take care of the implementation.

It’s a turnkey project; you’ll only have to give us the neccessary data, set the goals and monitor results.

Our purpose

An unmet busineed need: How do we leverage the power of NMT for our translation needs keeping the same security level we have with our in-house translators?


The skills required to find the solution: A lot of experience in the translation, technology and change management fields.

That’s how Turn Bionic was born, and the result is the most secure NMT engine on the market; the one being used by major strategy consulting companies and investment banks.

Because using new technologies is good. In fact, it’s very good, but they should never compromise our company’s or our clients’ security.

That’s how our team has the required tools to do their job, our costs are contained and security is guaranteed.


The security and confidentiality of our clients is key to us, so we cannot show their logos on our website

But if you need references we can give you some good ones

(if our clients agree)

What about giving Turn Bionic a try?

We create testing environments for companies interested in improving their security levels, reducing costs and improving productivity when it comes to generating translations.


If you think you are part of that group, get in contact with us so that we can prepare a demo. You’ll see with your own eyes what our product can add to your company.